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Learn about Egress

Learn about Egress

Soon our Switch platform will become our Egress platform. Find out what this means for you here.

1. Secure from A to B

If you've received a .switch file from someone it's because they have chosen to deliver this information to you securely.

Companies do this to ensure that they meet compliance and regulations for data exchange.

The information they are sharing with you is inside a secure package with a .switch extension. You'll need to take a couple of extra steps to access this information.

Don't worry, we've made these steps as simple as possible.

2. Simple Sign Up

You'll need to create a free Egress Account to access the information that's being shared with you.

This is a one time process and you can rest assured we will never share the information with a 3rd party. Egress secure platform depends on your trust.

Once you've signed up we will send you an activation email to validate your email address.

Now you are ready to access secure messages.

3. Easy Web Access

We understand that you may not be able to install software on your PC, therefore you can always access secure Egress messages using our online reader.

Web Access allows you to email your .switch file or upload from a browser and then access the contents without installing anything on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

4. Apps where you need them

For the ultimate experience download one of our apps. Installing an app makes reading an Egress secure message as simple as double clicking.

The full Egress client will allow you to create your own secure messages and transfer massive files using Egress large file transfer service. All new accounts get 25 free credits.

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